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Cindy Julius - Creative Tutoring
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2016 - 2017

Tutoring in Canton, Ohio - and via skype

Interested in skype?  You must first make a request via email to verify contact info.

Private Tutoring: 2016 - 2017 updates - 

Summer - currently teaching Geometry from a Creation Perspective - including hands on activities with Fibonacci Numbers and Fractals with introduction to the Mandelbrot Set

August - help with soldering and understanding the physics of electrical circuits - utilizing  'Robotics' with Ian Juby - Jet Pack Academy sign up required  As this material is "go at your own pace", other sign ups during the year are possible.

Summer Field Trips - Cuyahoga Valley National Park - cicada summer, Mentor Headlands Park - swim and fossil hunt, Snake Care - at Realm of the Reptile in Canton, OH ... and more to come... on the wish list.... caving at Organ Cave in West Virginia... and on the list for August... a trip to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky  field trip prices vary

Nature Studies - your location 

I am available for private tutoring in person at my home or via skype.  Private tutoring is $25/hour or $15/half hour.  Billing and payment can occur via paypal or US mail with a check (preferred).  If you email me, we can set up a trial skype date.  If you desire to meet in person, please send me an email also.  You can use the contact link or   In the schedule below you will see that I am have many open slots to work with you.

CLASS INFORMATION for 2016/2017  Normally I work on a request basis.  Class requests come in during the late spring and summer for the following fall.  Once you request a class and we agree on the time, it will not be cancelled.  You can have peace of mind.  Group class prices ($585/year for approx 30, two hour lessons (which is $9.75/hour/family)) are in effect with a minimum of 3 people in the class.  If two students, we meet for 2 hrs at $25/family/class.  If one student, we meet for 1 hr at $25/class.  Siblings are always admitted FREE in a class with a paying student.

NOTE: ALL CLASSES include TEACHER, PARENT. or STUDENT LED CHRISTIAN PRAYER before class.  A YOUNG EARTH, CHRISTIAN BIBLICAL VIEW is the foundation stone for all material presented in every class.  I seek to honor Jesus Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit.  I recognize variety in everyone's Christian walk and in the body of Christ. 

Classes in Canton will begin the week of Sept 12th.  Classes end in May.  How far into May depends on how well students covered the material and the number of snow days that occurred.

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Taking Requests FALL 2016 through SPRING 2017


Geometry - Including Jason Lisle's "The Secret Code of Creation" and "Mathematics, is God Silent?"

Earth Science/Physical Science - from a young earth view: fossils, sedimentation, minerals, astronomy, laws of motion
Biology - Pro Life and Creation Oriented
Chemistry - using Dr Wile's Exploring Creation with Chemistry
Physics - using Dr Wile's Exploring Creation with Physics
College level - Introduction to Statistics
Advanced Math
Alg II with Trigonometry
Alg I
help memorizing multiplication facts with song
Homework help with YOUR textbook from YOUR classroom experience: public, private or homeschool
Take the frustration out of learning by knowing you can contact me on an "as needed" basis.  You will have to contact me first so that I can give you further info, like my phone number, and then it will be easy to connect when you need me.