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Cindy Julius - Creative Tutoring
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Biographical Information

Cindy Julius is a Christian homeschooling mom first and foremost. She has homeschooled her daughter for over 10 years and has helped other homeschoolers for almost as long in co-ops, classes or individual tutoring sessions.

Perhaps as a new homeschooler, you are unsure of how to begin or how to freely use textbooks instead of having them dictate your lesson plans to you. My desire is to be a helping hand to get you going!

My objective: helping you, helping your students, by encouraging each of us to remember that God wants us to succeed at understanding His world a little better. He is the God of all endurance and encouragement!

In high school, Cindy majored in art, continuing with an art as a side study in college. She has experience in basic drawing techniques and a strong interest in photography.

As a homeschooler, I have been involved in several "hands-on" history co-ops that involved costumes and art, time lines and stories, movies and reports, and music and feasts. I would love to share ideas with you or help take you through a learning activity!

She has her degree in Biology from CSU (cum laude!) and over 10 years experience doing actual technician work in labs including the American Red Cross, Colorado Histo-Prep, and Metpath Laboratories (now Quest Diagnostics).

She currently holds the position of resident biologist at Akron Fossil & Science Center, where she teaches individual and group science classes. Her broad knowledge in biology has greatly impacted their Viers Ditch Research Project which she now manages.

My home is filled with rocks and bugs and shells and equipment for studying magnetism and electricity, microbes and protists, plants and animals, the weather and the stars. I have microscopes for viewing minute details of creation, and a telescope for nighttime star and planet viewing and daytime moon viewing.

I have ideas, a bit of humor and child-like-ness, and lots of God-given patience for students with different learning styles and those of all ages who are trying to study subjects they are hesitant to deal with, such as... (should I say the "M" word?)... Math and Algebra or even beginner reading or spelling. And if a cup of coffee or hot chocolate would help, I've got that too. :-)

To Be Honest...

I am NOT a state certified teacher. I am a divorce statistic. I have animals in my home (for those of you with allergies). I don't have a parking lot or even a driveway that you can use (you need to park in the street), though my home is readily accessible from both Rt 62 and I-77. I am not the best solution for all situations: there are some students that would do better working with someone else or in a different setting - but you will find me being a very persistent teacher... irritatingly so at times. :-)

Extracurricular Activities

Cindy has set up Spring Field Trips with Wildcat Expeditions for several years: rappelling in Hocking Hills and caving in West Virginia. Fall is the time to start thinking about coming along - trips are in the middle of May but book up quickly and space is very limited.

A first-degree black belt instructor, Cindy would like to invite you to classes of American Self Protection at Tree of Life Church in Massillon at 8am Saturday mornings or at 7:30pm at Faith Fellowship Church in Macedonia.

Contact Cindy for directions or details on these activities.